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April 24, 2014

My Opinion: April 24, 2014

RAYMOND - I was recently invited to attend an associates’ general meeting at the Wal-Mart DC in Raymond to witness a very pleasing event. My lovely wife, Terri, was awarded the Wal-Mart Distribution Center 6030 Associate of the Year Award for 2013. This pleasant surprise made me very happy and proud. “Congratulations Terri, Well Deserved”.

The April 16th House Session was a nice quite day It started off with the annual “Tartan Day” celebration and only had a few bills on the calendar, includimg the following items:

SB-220-FN, relative to the regulation of electricians by the Electricians Noard. Bill adopts the latest National Electrical Code (2014) prospectively, which allows electricians to get the training they need in order to comply with the law as of January 1, 2015. It also clarifies in statue that apprentices must complete 8,000 hours of on-the-job training, which ensures licensing reciprocity with other states. I have a concern about the new fee, so I voted against this bill. It passed and was sent to the House Ways & Means Committee as a 2nd committee. Let’s see how it comes back to the floor. Bill passed Ought to Pass (OTP) on a voice vote (VV).

SB-405, requiring registration of radon mitigation system installers. Bill registers another profession, in the guise of protecting the public from incompetent trades people. This one is unique in that no consumers testified as to being victimized, and no installers came out to demand to be licensed. Bill adds unnecessary red tape to these small business owners, by requiring a new registration of radon mitigation system installers with the board of home inspectors. Bad legislation, so I voted No, but Dems passed it OTP-A RC 172-147.

SB-311, authorizing fish and game to allow reciprocal snowmobile privileges with Vermont & Maine. Bill, as amended, allows the Director of Fish & Game to negotiate reciprocal snowmobile, OHRV, or dirt bike privileges with Vermont and Maine, including fees, with the approval of the Fiscal Committee. This would help expand our growing tourism industry, particularly in the North Country. Bill passed OTP-A VV, and was sent to Ways & Means Committee as a 2nd committee.

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