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March 14, 2013

My Opinion: March 14, 2013


I was very disappointed that only 32 of our 90 State Representatives of Rockingham towns thought it was important enough to come to these meetings. After all, this $9.5M is our County tax dollars.

On March 5, the Executive Committee met with 13 of the 20 members present. Later in the evening, the full Delegation met to approve the budget and other items. At this very important meeting which had the final voting on the budget and its cost to the taxpayers, 58 of the 90 representatives were present. Various resolutions were passed. The 2013 budget was passed, authorizing $77, 803,951 in appropriations and $98,056 in reserves and encumbrances for the use of the County during 2013; that $43,873,563 be raised in new county taxes; that $29,574,121 be accepted as an estimate of revenues from other sources; and that $4,454,323 is accepted as fund balance for a total of $77,902,007 in resources.

Don’t panic: “in new county taxes” means the taxes for 2013, it’s new taxes as they weren’t due before. This 2013 budget is only $140.00 per person per year, or 40 cents a day. Actually, that’s -0.13% less than the 2012 budget. Bonding was approved on a RC vote 56-2.

These roll calls of attendance at all these meeting were not good. Please talk to your representatives, remind them that the County budget is their responsibility, and they need to be present for all these meetings.

(Editor’s Note: NH State Representative Mike Kappler can be reached at




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