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August 23, 2012

My Opinion: August 23, 2012


HB-1617 - Repeals the Certificate of Need Law (CON) in three years to increase competition, reduce the cost of health-care to individuals and businesses, and improve care.

HB-1636 - Eliminates bureaucratic red tape individuals have to go through to get a permit to repair or shore up property that is regularly affected by storms and ice. Certain permits for repair will no longer expire and require renewal after 5 years.

SB-245 - Changes medical sharing legislation designed for private, non-profit organizations, designed to monthly share medical costs by allowing members to financially assist fellow participants with certain medical expenses exempt from the jurisdiction of the Commissioner of Insurance, with a new state law Chapter RSA 126-V Health Care Sharing Organizations.

SB-317 - Allows up to six persons to be towed on one or more inflatable tubes by motorboat.

This wraps up the new laws series. Hope it was informative and gave you a quick glimpse of some of the changes. If you want to read the text of a bill, just type in “nh gen court” web and when it comes up, in box at right type in bill number.

(Editor’s Note: NH State Representative Mike Kappler can be reached at

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