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August 1, 2013

My Opinion: August 1, 2013

RAYMOND —I want to say “Thank You!” to Nancy Lang, Assisted Living Director, at the Rockingham County Long Term Care Facility, for her 35+ years of service. Nancy is retiring as of Fri., August 2. We all wish her well and truly appreciate all those years of dedication, loyalty and service, to the County. Again, “Thank You Nancy!” and good luck.

The Rockingham County Executive Committee met on July 19 for our second quarter Budget Review. I am happy to report that the budget at the close of second quarter, June 30, the total expended was only 45% of the total appropriations and expenditures.

We approved several “line item” transfers. One was needed as problems arose marrying the second biomass generator to the first generator, that has been online. This required shutting down the first generator for a period, thus needing fuel for the old boiler plant system. Another transfer was needed due to the number of people in the Corrections Department out of work for various reasons such as: leaves, retirement, resignations, FMLA, worker’s compensation and military duties. These vacancies caused excessive overtime. All in all, the budget looks very sound with no expected problems. I would like to say “Thank You!” to all the workers at the County, that with much dedication strive daily to keep our expenses low. We are fortunate to have these people and a good solid working complex, that allow our County taxes to stay low. Again, “Thank You” workers and keep up the good job.

We are still looking for recipes for the Raymond 250th Anniversary Cookbook. We plan to have a nice hardcover, keepsake class, book printed and ready for sale for this coming Christmas. Raymond residents only can submit. Please neighbors help us out so we will have a nice keepsake to pass down from generation to generation. You can get blank forms at the town library or contact me directly. We really want those “special” ones, come on, please help.

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