, Kingston, NH

July 25, 2013

My Opinion: July 25, 2013

By NH State Representative L. Mike Kappler
Carriage Towne News

---- — RAYMOND —The best news I can tell the Raymond/Epping Route 27 drivers is, yes as I suspected, the road will be paved. I talked with the DOT people, and from the light by Hannafords in Raymond, into Epping as soon as they finish the cut-out and patch work, they will skim coat and crown the road. They left the patches a little low to get a thicker skim on those areas. After the skim coat work is all completed, they will be putting a 3/4” overlay over it. Then, by the end of August, it will be smooth again.

The Democrats have these ridiculous bumper stickers that distort history by saying that if you like some government spending program or another, thank them. Putting aside those distortions and the fact that they are now bankrupting those programs and the country, in New Hampshire we really do have a need to note a specific result of Democrat legislative efforts. In this case it is for the loss of New Hampshire manufacturing jobs that come with the strict obedience of Democrat Party leaders and legislators to their union boss benefactors in opposing a right-to-work law.

Despite Legislative Democrats’ mantra that no business considers right-to-work laws in coming to a state or staying in a state, and despite their repeating that mantra incessantly when those legislators were slavishly voting to uphold Gov. Lynch’s veto of Right-to-Work Legislation, Sturm Ruger is direct evidence, and a demonstrable loss of great manufacturing jobs in New Hampshire showing, that they do: Next Bumper Sticker Perhaps: “Thank a Democrat For the Loss of Sturm Ruger Jobs!”

I have been wondering why the governor hasn’t vetoed any bills yet this year, then now out of the blue, the first one is announced. HB-403 - establishing a committee to study end of life decisions. That’s confusing, what were her thoughts and reasoning for vetoing this particular bill? It’s not a good bill, and I’m glad she did, but it’s a democrat bill? Oh yeah, it’s the same House democrats that didn’t support her budget, payback time, let’s use a junk bill and look tough? This bill came out of my committee, which I was against, with 5 of the 6 sponsors being democrats. The prime sponsor is Rep. Charles Weed, who is an advocate of assisted suicide. The bill passed on the House floor 212-140, went to the Senate, was amended, then passed out of the Republican-controlled Senate voice vote. Being amended by the Senate it had to come back to the House where they concurred with the amendment on a voice vote. Let’s see if will survive a override vote in each chamber. I’ll still vote to kill it.

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