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June 7, 2012

My Opinion: June 7, 2012


SB-366-FN - relative to use of certain OHRVs on snowmobile trails, and relative to authorization for snowmobiles and OHRVs registered in Vermont and Maine to operate in this state. This bill: (1) Policy committee (mine) removed the senate position that allowed residents of Vermont and Maine to operate snowmobiles in New Hampshire without giving reciprocity to New Hampshire residents wanting to ride in their respective states. (2) Bill provides a snowmobile endorsement of $16 of which $12.56 shall be appropriated to the Department of Resources and Economical Development and $3.44 to Department of Fish and Game. (3) This allows OHRVs to be modified by removing the wheels and installing tracks, cleats, or skis, for snow use. A-2196h and bill passed OTP-A on voice votes.

SB-375-FN - relative to a prepaid health plan for Medicaid services and relative to the Medicaid management information system. Bill: (1) Repeals the requirement that the Department of Health and Human Services apply for a waiver to deliver and pay for Medicaid services to Medicaid-eligible persons with severe mental disabilities through a prepaid health plan. (2) This waiver was unnecessary through the inclusion of these services in the state's Medicaid managed care system. (3) Repeals an unnecessary requirement that the state hire an information systems consultant to help implement the Medicaid management information system. (4) No fiscal impact was found on state finances from passage of this bill and a potentially negative impact if it didn't. A non-germaine amendment to extend the moratorium on home beds and rehabilitation beds failed Flr A-2242h RC 157-162. Bill passed OTP on voice vote.

More of this Session next week.

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