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May 31, 2012

My Opinion: May 31, 2012


SB-402-FN - relative to the adoption of policies for the management of concussion and head injury in student sports. Amended bill: (1) Encourages the school board of each district to develop guidelines to inform and educate coaches, students, athletes and parents of the nature and risk of concussion and head injury while participating in student sports. (2) Requires a school coach, official, licensed athletic trainer, or health provider to remove a student athlete from a practice or game upon suspicion that the student-athlete has sustained a concussion. (3) in re NH Interscholastic Athletic Assoc. practice, the student-athlete may return upon receiving written authorization from a health care provider. (4) This legislation is only directed to student sport in grades 9-12. A-2124h passed on voice vote. Bill passed OTP-A D 296-26.

SB-236 - relative to nomination of candidates and political organizations, election procedure, and recounts. This bill was originally requested by the NH Secretary of State. As amended, it: (1) Modifies the procedure for nominating a political organization. (2) Changes various dates relating to nomination of candidates, recounts, and hearings by the ballot law commission. (3) Permits a voter who has been registered as an undeclared voter to register as undeclared after voting in a primary by signing an undeclared voter list. (4) Changes the requirements for the ballots cast form. A-2169h and bill OTP-A passed on a voice votes.

SB-289-FN - relative to presenting photo identification to vote in person. As amended, this bill: (1) Would require that a voter present one of four specified types of photo identification, starting November 1st, 2012. (2) If unable to do so, he or she must sign a qualified voter affidavit before voting. (3) Such affidavit requires a photograph of the voter to be taken and attached. This was a Republican bill with A-2169h passing RC 223-118, and bill OTP-A passed RC 226-115.

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