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May 31, 2012

My Opinion: May 31, 2012

Back when I was young, May 30th was Memorial Day. The day has since changed to the last Monday of the month to make it a 3-day holiday. I still like the original day, as it sets aside a "special day" to remember all our fallen military and other deceased family and friends. They all deserve that one special "day" to be remembered. May they all rest in peace. I want to say a big "Thank You!" to the Raymond American Legion and Raymond Veterans of Foreign Wars for a very very nice parade, ceremony at the cemetery, and ceremony on the "Common". Well done! Thank You - our fallen veterans deserve it.

Our May Session on May 15, 16, and 17 was a very long ordeal. It took us three full days to get through only 51 bills on the Regular Calendar, plus the six that were pulled off the Consent Calendar for debate. After adopting the Consent Calendar, the following bills passed off the Regular Calendar:

SB-175 - regulating the commercial use of a person's identity. Bill recognizes in statute, that a human being possesses the property right to their own image and the right to control the use of that image in commerce. As amended, it creates what 15 other states recognize as a descendible right of property, but sets a limit to ensure that after a respectable amount of years that right expires. Bill passed on voice vote.

SB219-FN - relative to guaranteed issue for health insurance and relative to federal health care reform and health care exchanges. (1) As amended, bill grandfathers certain state insurance policies under the federal health care overhaul of 2010, and implements a minor provision of the act, which guarantees issue for health insurance to individuals under 19 years of age and prohibits the imposition of a pre-existing exclusion period for these individuals. (2) Prohibits the state of New Hampshire from planning, creating, or participating in a state health care exchange. Bill passed on voice vote.

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