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October 17, 2013

My Opinion: October 17, 2013

RAYMOND - It’s amazing how quiet the news media has been with the announcement of the $76M surplus from the fiscal year 2013, a part of the budget passed by the Republican legislative majority in 2011. Despite all the heavy criticism we Republicans received, it has paid its dividends. Sound fiscal management through spending and tax reforms helped to keep our great state on solid footing through these tough economic times. Thank God, the budget we passed that took effect this year, mirrors many of the important provisions of the previous budget, including no new taxes or fees, something Republicans fought hard for throughout the entire budget process.

As I’ve said before, this budget is the hard work of Senator Chuck Morse, (R. District 22), from Salem, and I thank him for his hard work to make it happen, not only getting it through the Senate, but also through the House.

Now with the good news of this surplus, our Democratic Governor and the Speaker of the House, are already looking for ways to spend this surplus. It’s time for the people of New Hampshire to step up to the plate, and say NO, to more spending. We do not want to go back to the spending spree of the Hassan-Lynch of days past. Although the Governor strenuously opposed the previous budget and Senator Morse’s version for this year, both of which she repeatedly said was reckless, irresponsible and coldhearted, she is now on the band wagon saying “it’s a strengthening economy and sound fiscal management from our state agencies that resulted in this surplus. Yea, right! Actually it’s from the spending decisions Republican put in the budget. Sorry Governor, this had nothing to do with your actions, ideas, or decisions.

I believe we need to fold this money in half and put it in the “rainy day fund”, as a major priority, for future emergency needs. Putting it anywhere else would just be a waste of the money.

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