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April 19, 2012

My Opinion: April 19, 2012

RAYMOND — The House Session for March 28-29 was the last time to pass bills before the cross-over deadline; there were many debates, some even heated. Two bills that in previous sessions were found "Inexpedient to Legislate" (ITL) came up for reconsideration. HB-1267 - relative to adjustments to the child support guidelines based on child support expenses documented by the parties, failed for reconsideration.

But the vote to reconsider HB-1438 - relative to confidentiality of police personnel files - passed This bill, as amended, clarifies the confidentiality provisions regarding use of police personnel files as evidence in criminal cases. Bill passed OTP-A RC 284-23.

HB-1560 - relative to the interstate Health Care Compact. An amendment to change bill to make it a study committee failed RC 163-182. Bill sets forth a pro forma Health Care Compact and asks Congress to approve it. Bill passed OTP RC 221-131.

HB-1350 - relative to the style and form of new articles and amendments to articles proposed by constitutional amendment concurrent resolutions. This bill helps preserve the integrity of the June 5,1793 document. Bill passed OTP-A YES VV.

HB-1395 - revoking amendments to Supreme Court rules 50 and 50-A. This bill reverses the changes to NH Supreme Court rules 50 and 50-A made in 2010. It reverses an unconstitutional mandate that taxes clients of attorneys for the interest earned on escrow accounts. Bill Passed OTP RC 235-99.

HB-1659 - relative to the women's right to know act regarding abortion information. Bill puts NH in line with 31 states that have women's right-to-know laws. This amendment removes the criminal penalty contained in the original version of the bill, which had been a Class A Felony, changing it to a "civil infraction". Bill passed OTP-A RC 185-138.

HB-1403 - relative to providing pupils with curriculum and instruction regarding state and national sovereignty, and establishing a committee to study the implementations of the International Baccalaureate Program (IB Program) in New Hampshire. As amended, bill requires that school curriculum and instruction shall only meet school approval standards if such curriculum and instruction promotes state and national sovereignty and is not subject to the governance of a foreign body or organization. Bill also establishes a committee to determine whether or not the IB Program, which is headquartered in Switzerland, is in the best interest of our state's youth. Committee will also look into: (1) security concerning student information being sent out of state or country. (2) whether or not sending money to IB is against federal law, as the IB appears to be funded by UNESCO. and (3) what to do with existing IB school districts in the state. A-1286h YES VV. Passed OTP-A RC 209-102, down party lines.

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