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April 26, 2012

My Opinion: April 26, 2012

RAYMOND — The April 11th Session was a short one. It started out with the 15th annual "Tartan Day" ceremony. The NH Pipes and Drums, a bag-pipe group, played several pieces and performed several dances. It was a beautiful program.

There were only five bills on the regular calendar.

SB-290 - naming a bridge in Woodstock the "Hilliard Family Bridge". This legislation will name Bridge No. 197-085, on Rte. 175. Bill passed (Ought to Pass) OTP YES VV (voice vote).

SB-367 - naming a bridge in the town of Londonderry in honor of Lance Corporal Peter J. Sora, Jr. U.S.M.C. and Private First Class Eric D. Currier, U.S.M.C. This is the new bridge on the recently completed Manchester Airport Rd., and will be named the "Sora-Currier Memorial Bridge" in honor of Sora who was killed in 2004 in pre-deployment training, heading to Iraqi, and Currier who was killed in 2010, in Afghanistan. Passed OTP YES VV.

SB-391 - naming a portion of New Hampshire route 107/43 in the town of Deerfield, the Honorable Joseph E. Stone Highway. OTP YES VV.

SB-394-L - relative to the reclassification of Province Road in Strafford from the intersection of Route 202A to Ricky Nelson Road from class II to class V, and relative to an appropriation in the Capital Budget for construction and renovations to the Milford Armory. As amended, bill adds a $1.5M appropriation to the Capital Budget for construction and renovations to the Milford Armory. Amendment A-1529h (A with identification # - h House) passed YES VV. Passed OTP-A (Ought to Pass with amendment) YES VV.

SB-202 - apportioning congressional districts. This is the Senate version of HB-1671 with a very minor change of the state's two Congressional Districts, which was worked out with the staff of both Congressmen. Bill passed OTP RC 239-95.

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