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March 28, 2013

My Opinion: March 28, 2013


At the request of the State Lottery Commission, HB-520 was put in which would establish a joint legislative committee to study the implementation of Keno gaming. The prime sponsor of the bill attempted to get the committee to amend the bill to establish Keno now, without a study, but that idea failed. Study bill HB-520 passed OTP on the consent calendar.

Senate bill SB-1, increasing the research and development tax credit against the business profits tax. This bill passed in senate and came over to the House early. By increasing this tax credit it encourages business growth and investment in new technologies. The credit has been helping businesses now for five years, and this small increase will aide that help even more. SB-1 passed on the House floor OTP-A RC 342-7. Since it was amended by the House, it has to go back to the senate and be passed again, prior to going to the Governor for signature.

With Seabrook Track complex in our neighborhood, and various non-profits relying on revenue from their charitable gaming operation, I am happy to report that both came out of the House in our favor.

HB-654, relative to simulcast greyhound races. This bill would have prohibited the selling of pari-mutuel pools for races simulcast from any jurisdiction that did not make injury records of racing greyhounds available to the public. It would probably have caused the park to close, with a loss of 150 jobs, plus the money loss to the non-profits. Bill was killed ITL RC 243-108.

HB-314 would raise the single wager limit on any game of chance from the current $4.00 to $6.00. It also clears up a problem where some of the gaming complexes were charging a rent and other administration fee against the charity. The charity take was set at 35% period; now the charity take would be at least 30% with no charges allowed.

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