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February 21, 2013

My Opinion: February 21, 2013

By NH State Representative L. Mike Kappler
Carriage Towne News

---- — RAYMOND - Success, Success, Success! What a great turnout for the “A Brave Little Soul” fundraiser, held on February 10th, at Raymond’s finest, the Tuckaway Tavern and Butchery. Yes really, over $55K (that’s thousand) was raised.

While at the event throughout the day, I was in awe at the people that came out to support this event. From start to finish, the place was packed with, I’d bet, 350 plus continuously. Yes, many came and left, but the crowd never died down. Thousands passed through the doors supporting Alanna.

Words can not justly say how I, and others I’ve spoken with, can explain what a fabulous job the Tuckaway owners and staff did. They were GREAT! They had to do all the prep work, cooking, storm clearing, and for many, pull a double shift to make it all happen. Let me just say, “You couldn’t have done better!”

As I sat there, I noticed a new busboy clearing away dishes, so asked him, “Are you new here, I haven’t seen you here before?” He replied, “No, I’m one of the Raymond High School Honor Society fundraiser volunteers”. A big Thank You to the society and your volunteers for this very thoughtful initiative.

The fundraiser was in support of a very sweet young lady, 12 year-old, Alanna Marcotte, of Derry. Although Alanna has been in a Boston Hospital for months, she was present during the event. I was honored to get to meet and speak with this wonderful girl. Alanna is battling osteosarcoma, a secondary cancer that has spread throughout her body. This is Alanna’s second fight with secondary cancer, and her third battle with cancer since birth.

Dr. Peter Anderson, M.D. Ph.D., of the MD Anderson Cancer Center called Alanna’s father, Bobby, and told him to bring Alanna out. Dr. Anderson feels that one of several new treatments they are doing at his center, will help her. Alanna is on her way to the Houston Center; please keep Alanna and her family in your prayers as they work through this.

MD Anderson Cancer Center (Children’s Cancer Hospital) is part of the University of Texas Complex. Under the Department of Pediatrics, Non-Neural Solid Tumors, Dr. Peter Anderson’s interests include osteosarcomas and bone metastases.

This fundraiser was a very great success in two ways: (1) It gives Alanna and her family that last big hope for a special miracle recovery. (2) It will provide both a person and financial support to further the new important clinical trials at the Anderson Cancer Center.

Again, “Thank You!” to all: Tuckaway owners and staff, the donors, and to all those that stopped by. God Bless!

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