, Kingston, NH

June 28, 2012

My Opinion: June 28, 2012

By NH State Rep. L. Mike Kappler

RAYMOND — I want to tell the great people of Raymond why I filed for another term, and ask for your vote, supporting me, for one of the three Raymond State Representative seats.

I have worked hard the three terms you gave me the privilege to serve you, learning my way around the State House, how and where to get the information and help I needed to accomplish what I was trying to do. From my days in the Boy Scouts, I still remember to "Be Prepared". Prior to all committee work, I always get a copy of each the bills, I go through them, and print out any RSA's (statutes) that pertain to the bill, so I can go into the committee having an idea of what each bill is about.

I was sent to Concord by you, the residents of Raymond, to represent you. You expected me to be there for you, and in my six (6) years, not like so many others, I have perfect attendance at all committees I was sent to, and at all House sessions. As of June 21, 2012, I have been at the State House either for committee or session work 78 days. During 2011, I was there working for you 113 times. During this current term, as of June 21st, I have substituted for other absent representatives 82 times in different committees. Additionally, I was also sent to six (6) committees of conference, where attendance is of up-most importance, but some appointed members just don't show up.

I also have a perfect voting record at sessions for my six years. I truly believe attendance, debating and voting on bills, both in committee and sessions, is the prime responsibility of you as a representative.

With my attitude, hard work, attendance, and determination, I have gained the respect with my fellow representatives, of both parties. This term, I am the Vice Chairman of the Resources, Recreation, and Development Committee, a House policy committee. In a second leadership position, I serve as a House Assistant Majority Whip monitoring four (4) committees, for our party voting unity. I also currently serve on four busy statutory committees.

As a representative, I am also a County Delegate responsible for the county's budget. For the past two terms, at the County, I have been the Maintenance Sub-committee Chairman, serve on the Executive Committee, and as do all representatives, as a Delegate. I also have perfect attendance at the County level for my six years of service to you.

Having, I believe, served Raymond well, I again ask for your support, and please vote for my re-election in September. Thank you.

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