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April 10, 2014

My Opinion: April 10, 2014

By NH State Representative L. Mike Kappler
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---- — RAYMOND - Let me start with the “Dream Factory”, an all-volunteer, mission driven organization, that makes dreams come true for critically and chronically ill children. This is a non-profit national organization, and their goal is “bring a moment of sunshine in a child’s life”, a life that is too often filled with pain and suffering. Would you like to help?

The Dream Factory is looking for volunteers to help make these moments happen. Whatever your talent may be, they can find a place for your efforts to put a smile on a child’s face. If you would like to join Dream Factory or learn more about them, please contact Judy Williams, Area Coordinator, at 603-895-9718, or

Now on with the State House. The House finished up with the House bills, and are starting public hearings on Senate bills.

So let me start with some serious sarcasm. The Dems allowed SB-413 to move forward early, held a very brief policy committee hearing, and then rushed it to the House floor. It came to the House floor as an OTP bill; now follow the 2 hours and 43 minutes of this bill:

SB-413-FN-A, relative to access to health insurance coverage. It started with a motion to “Special Order to end of Calendar” as it is a Senate bill and didn’t have to be out of the House until May. So, why not do the House bills first which had to be done by last week? Dems voted the special order down RC 134-186. Then some time was spent as the Republicans filed protests to the vote. Then a series of Republican amendments were presented. I voted yes on all. A-1116h RC 137-189; A-1118h RC 138-191; A-1136h RC 131-196; A-1138h RC 137-190; A-1152h RC 134-193; A-1143h RC 135-192; A-1157h RC 138-191; A-1135h RC 127-198; A-1147h RC 129-197.

Yes, you read that correctly; the Dems voted all 9 amendments killed. Then the vote on bill OTP RC 202-132 passing this illegal bill, in my opinion. The policy has always been that any bill with money must be started in the House as a House Bill (HB). Many of us Republicans then filed a 2nd protest because of it being a Senate bill with money. The Dems then made a motion to “Reconsider”, saying vote no was made. With the Dem vote D 124-207, the bill can not be brought back up on the House floor. This is a training guide for anyone that is thinking of running for State Rep., giving you an idea of things to come should you be elected.

Some more of this crazy bunch of bills that the Dems have pushed through include:

HB-1372-FN-A, making an appropriation for the ongoing training and education of pediatric sexual assault nurse examiners. While the bill was well intentioned, it has many issues: (a) There is only one pediatric sexual assault doctor currently practicing in NH and this bill’s program will not train other doctors; (b) At the public hearings, no one explained why Dartmouth-Hitchcock (D-H) technical staff was being provided a stipend of several thousand dollars; (c) no one explained why technical staff at D-H were chosen especially as we have software and network experts in our own State Dept. of Information Technology; (d) no estimate for the number of nurses to be trained if money for was provided; (e) no estimate of the number of existing and practicing pediatric sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) in NH if money was provided, but we did learn there is only one doctor; (f) this should have been part of the budget; (g) we have other approved programs, but none of them receive monetary support; (h) we have not been paying for training of other professionals who are required to take continuing education courses, so why these? The Dems. pushed bill through as OTP D 188-119.

HB-1504, providing that life begins at conception. I believe that there is significant scientific evidence which supports the premise that a human life begins at conception. According to basic embryology and fetology, a biological human life exists from the moment of fertilization as the creation of a completed and unique strand of genetic material (DNA) is present. I believe that life is sacred, from conception to natural death, which this bill supported. Bill was killed ITL RC 214-95.

HB-492-FN-L, relative to the legalization and regulation of marijuana. Another dope bill, but thank God, this one was killed ITL RC 192-140. Motion to “Reconsider” vote no was made RC 146-181. It’s dead and can not come back up.

HB-1142-FN-A, relative to the road toll for alternative fuels. Over the past decade more vehicles are being powered by compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas and propane, but these vehicles are not currently paying the gas tax that regular vehicles do for road upkeep. It also requires alternative fuel dealers to be licensed by the Dept. of Safety to collect and remit the road toll. This is a equality tax for all vehicles. Bill passed OTP-A on RC 258-58.

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