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November 7, 2013

My Opinion: November 7, 2013

RAYMOND — The Rockingham County Executive Committee met on October 25th to go over the end of the third Quarter Review. All 20 members of the Committee were present.

As the chairman of the Engineering/Maintenance Committee, I am happy to tell you that, under the fine leadership of our Facilities Director Jude Gates, our department came in at 72% expended. This was a major accomplishment for Jude, as we had problems marrying the Biomass #1 and #2 plants so they would work correctly together. The steam meters at the #1 have been re-calibrated, the refractory was completely replaced in #1, and #2 has been tuned and proven to carry the mild weather load. These problems required the transfer of some funds from one line item to another to fund the extra needed fuel, but we are still in good shape budget wise. A big “Thank You!” goes to Director of Facilities, Jude Gates, for all her hard work this busy year.

The total appropriations/expenditures at the end of Q-3 for the County came in at 69% of budget. Well done to all departments. On another note, there was a discussion on a plan to charge user fees, based on population, to the 25 smaller towns in the County that don’t have their own Dispatch Centers, and have to completely rely on the County Dispatch Center at the Sheriff’s Department for all their police and fire dispatch services. The plan, as proposed, would not charge the 11 towns and the city of Portsmouth, that have their own dispatch centers any fees.

This in my opinion, is very unfair and just a crazy plan. There is not one town that doesn’t use the County Center at one time or another. Such as: when a large problem arises in the town; when two or more towns are involved in the same problem; when a town with their own center has their center fail and go out of service; or when there’s a large storm causing may problems all at once. The town of Derry has its own center, so they would not pay a fee for their 17,000 residents.

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