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April 3, 2014

My Opinion: April 3, 2014


HB-1264, relative to carrying of firearms by nonresidents. This is just another firearms bill. It came to the House floor with one committee amendment. It also had 8 other floor amendments. The debate started: (a)Table failed RC 142-154. (b) Speaker allowed committee amendment A-0659h; that completely changed bill, and had no public hearing to be debated, causing a “Challenge of the Chair” motion. Motion vote would be yes if you supported the Speaker, and no if you didn’t. Dems. supported the Speaker RC 182-144. As debate continued, a motion to “Recommit to Committee” was made. This would send bill back to its policy committee, so they could have a proper public hearing on A-0659h and do anything else they wished to do to it. Dems killed motion RC 160-176. Debate continued, then a “Motion to Table” was made again, this time after an hour and 10 minutes, the people decided to “Table” it on a D 186-150 vote. All that time, and we never got into the meat of the bill.

HB-1351, prohibiting tanning facilities from tanning anyone under 18 years. This would have prohibited a girl from getting a tan prior to going to her high prom. Motion to Table failed D162-167. Motion to “Indefinite Postponement” passed on D 175-154. Indefinite postponement is a motion made from the floor that further action on a bill be deferred and thus that the bill be killed. Motion was made to “Reconsider, and vote no” was made. Reconsider failed No VV. This reconsider motion was to prevent future debate.

HB-1570-FN, establishing a paint stewardship program. This bill would establish a program for turning in paint cans to the landfills. It would have a fee to fund the program attached to the can when sold, raising the cost of paint. Bill was Tabled back in March 5th. Motion by Dems. To emove from Table passed D 168-130, then: (a) Started debate on committee A-1053h with much arguing. (b) then Republican motion to Table failed RC 136-169. (c) motion to “Move the Question”, limiting the debate passed RC 188-112. (d) A-1053h passed RC 167-135. (e) bill passed OTP-A RC 161-142. (f) filing of protests to Speakers actions. (g) Motion to “Challenge the Chair” pertaining to protests. RC 178-121 upheld the ruling of the Speaker. (h) Due to speed of Speakers actions about protests, a motion was made to allow “late printed protests” passed on VV.

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