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March 27, 2014

My Opinion: March 27, 2014

RAYMOND - The House Session days of March 12 and 13 were another two long days of arguing over not much of anything important. Here are some bills of interest:

HB-1207, relative to identification of the source of legislative bill proposals. Bill would have required the identification of a private organization responsible for distributing a model act used by a legislator to propose new legislation, as provided by the legislation’s prime sponsor or as identified by a third party. Bill killed ITL (division vote - D) D 268-57.

HB-1601, relative to mandatory headlamp use. Bill would have made several changes to current laws about vehicle headlamp use, including removing the 1/2 hour timeframe from after sunset and before sunrise. Who knows the exact time each day of sunrise or sunset? I couldn’t believe this bill came out of Transportation Committee recommending passage. After debate, amendment A-0265h passed on a RC 164-161, I voted no. Then an attempt to table failed RC 161-164. OTP-A failed RC 151-182, and finally we killed it ITL on a voice vote (VV).

HB-1577, relative to regulating alkaline hydrolysis for the disposal of human remains. This is the bill I wrote about last week, where you cook Mama. Again, the House voted OTP RC 209-116. It’s up to you now. Call your State Senator and tell them to kill this inhuman legislation.

HB-1170-FN, repealing the death penalty in New Hampshire. If this bill were to become law, New Hampshire will have no death penalty laws. I do not believe in our current laws, and voted ‘yes’ on bill passage because: My moral, religious, and social values require more of me; the risk of executing an innocent person is real; the costs far outweigh the benefits; in various cases, the application of the death penalty was neither fair nor equal; and I have seen no evidence that the law deters crimes, or aids in any public safety. After almost two hours of debate, the bill passed OTP RC 225-104.

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