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March 13, 2014

My Opinion: March 13, 2014

RAYMOND - This is the third time we had a House bill introduced to permit “resomation” in New Hampshire. This year it is HB-1577.

This type of burial preparation, in my opinion is an immoral, sickening, and just a wrong preparation to prepare our loved one for their final committal. This bill is coming to the House floor with a policy committee recommendation of OTP (pass). Below is my debate speech that I will be giving on the House floor opposing its passage.

“Thank you Madam Speaker,

“First, let me explain the “alkaline hydrolysis” process, which is just another name for “resomation”. So what is resomation?

“It’s an alkaline hydrolysis process for the disposal of human remains. The operator places the deceased body in a silk bag, to collect and contain the bones. This body bag is then placed in a stainless steel container, adding to it 15 gallons of water and lye. They close the container, turn the cooker on, and heat the water/lye solution to 320 deg. F, but at a high pressure, so the liquid only simmers, preventing boiling. The body is then simmered for at least 3 hours. Think here a minute, you are cooking your loved one.

“Madam Speaker, the end result of this process is a quantity of nearly 15 gallons of a greenish-brown liquid, similar to pea soup, which contains the body’s acids, peptides, sugars, salts, and etc. Please remember this ‘pea soup’ contains your family loved one’s brain, heart, lungs, eyes, ears, nose, lips, liver, kidneys, body meat, intestines, skin, body fats, and etc., yes, everything but the hard bones. Some of the chunks in this pea soup would be the un-dissolved: heart, kidneys, or scar tissue.

“In 2009, HB-589 used the European method of flush this pea soup down the drain. This bill failed. In 2013, HB-316 which passed the House, killed in the Senate, gave the family the opportunity to have the pea soup put in containers so they could take it home and spread it in their yards. Thank God that bill died.

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