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October 11, 2012

My Opinion: October 11, 2012

RAYMOND —It’s time to start getting really serious about this critical general election coming up on November 6. The next couple weeks, I will try to give you a short opinion on some of the serious issues.

Looking at the Legislative Service Requests (LSR) list that has been so far posted, I see where a current very liberal Democrat

has filed LSR 137 to increase the tax paid on each gallon of gasoline, jumping right on-board with his candidate for governor,

who has indicated that she was also open to raising the gas tax.

An LSR is the request a legislator puts in to begin the creation of a bill process. After the sponsor, and the Office of Legislative

Services work it over, a bill is created, assigned a number, and then signed off by the sponsor and his co-sponsors. After

the start of the next year, the bill is then sent to a House or Senate policy committee. The sponsor introduces the bill to

this committee at a public hearing meeting, at which time the bill then becomes the committees and continues through the legislative


We have proven this year that a gas tax is: un-necessary; would hurt our small businesses, especially along the state’s borders;

and would add another burden on our hardworking citizens. This is an easy choice. We don’t want an increase in our gas tax,

the government is hurting us enough with the high, unwarranted, cost of the gas itself.

Another LSR, #191, requested by another Democrat representative, would establish a 1% personal income tax to fund chartered

public schools. Talk about “opening the door” legislation. This sounds like it’s no big deal, only 1%, but: it opens the door

to expand it to other needs; opens the door to increase the percentage; once established it will never go away; and we don’t

want or need an income tax. The Democrat candidate for governor says she’s against an income tax, but she won’t sign the “no

income tax pledge”. I did, and will stick to it, voting “No” on any attempt to pass one.

This Democrat LSR 191 and their governor candidate, shows me that the Democrats are not serious about no income tax. My real

question is, will you as a voter say “No” to any state income tax?

Will you vote “Yes” on general ballot question #1, that would ban an income tax? Or, will you stand with the Democrats and

kill the New Hampshire Advantage? One thing our hardworking citizens don’t need is an income tax, cutting what little money

they have.

One more liberal Democrat with his taxization bills: (1) LSR #135 relating to tax graduation. (2) #136 increasing beer tax.

(3) increase toll tax.

Need I say more about tax increases? Please look at these crazy ideas and vote against them, yes the ones who want to sponsor

these ideas.

(Editor’s Note: NH State Representative Mike Kappler can be reached at


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