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March 6, 2014

My Opinion: March 6, 2014

By NH State Representative L. Mike Kappler
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---- — RAYMOND - With sadness we pray for the loss of our Seabrook State Representative Amy Perkins who passed away recently. Amy and her husband Koko are in their third term as State Representatives of Seabrook and have been very active in the House. Amy will be sorely missed. Please pray for Amy, her husband Koko and their two children. Amy, may you rest in peace.

Our February 19th House Session was a little quieter and more people friendly than previous ones this year. Most of the bills we voted on were killed (ITL). Here are some of interest:

HB-1389, naming a bridge in Derry the Lance Corporal Michael E. Geary Bridge. The House unanimously voted to name the bridge for Lance Corporal Geary who was killed in combat on December 8, 2010, while on patrol in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Michael was a member of the 2nd Battalion, 9th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, based at Camp Lejeune, NC. Lance Corporal Geary grew up in Derry and graduated from Pinkerton Academy in 2009. Derry will install the signs. May Lance Corporal Geary rest in peace.

HB-1204, relative to perjury by a law enforcement officer. This bill would have established specific penalties for a police officer found guilty of perjury or false swearing. We currently have the “Laurie List” program to handle these problems. The bill really needed to be killed (ITL). I was a one-day substitute in the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee the day this bill was exec’d out of committee. After a Republican motion to ITL failed 6-12, a motion to Interim Study (IS) was made and passed. IS in the 2nd year of the term is simply a “death with dignity”. The committee can study it however they want during the summer and fall, but their recommendation can only come in next term as a new bill. The bill went to the House floor and Passed IS on a RC 174-148. In my opinion, this bill was not about whether or not a police officer should be allowed or not, but a stab in the back of the “Laurie List” system of dealing with such problems. This bill was sponsored, along with several others, by a representative who was unhappy with the result of his personal court proceedings. That is not the reason for such legislation. This year we have been bombed with personal issue bills. Thank God, so far the majority of them have been killed.

HB-1369, adapting the Uniform Marital Property Act. From olden days, there are two systems of laws. The European (French and Spanish) version and the English common law. The European version is the husband and wife are equal, and the English version the husband is the head. New Hampshire current is the English system. NH has pre and post nuptial agreements. This bill would have switched New Hampshire from the common law principle that the person on the title is the owner of property, to the community property principle that all property earned during a marriage is owned in common. Bill was ITL D 243-75.

HB-1188, relative to paycheck equity. This bill rewrites the equal pay statue, eliminating some of the acceptable reasons for a pay differential, such as shift work and other duties, and forbids employers to forbid employees to reveal their wages. This is extreme micro-management of business. OTP RC 183-125.

HB-1404, relative to payroll cards. This bill adds requirements for the use of payroll cards, mandates disclosure of all payment options and transactions fees, legislates business policy, and interferes with management rights. OTP-A RC 201-104.

HB-1405, prohibiting an employer from using credit history in employment decisions. This bill establishes the Employee Credit Privacy Protection Act which prohibits employers from using credit history in employment decisions, despite that it provides a great deal of useful information to determine a person’s suitability for a particular job. Again, this is extreme micromanagement of business through OTP-A RC 184-119.

If you have been reading my weekly articles, I hope and pray that you are watching all these crazy bills that really effect you. It will be your decision come September and November to weed out the representatives that are putting forward all this crazy legislation.

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