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October 18, 2012

My Opinion: October 18, 2012

RAYMOND – So here we go again with more of the United Nations Agenda 21 and their crazy ideas. We really need to pull out of the UN, and tell them to get out of America. We give them millions of dollars each year so they can cut our throats. I urge you to look up this UN Agenda 21 online and read about it. If this agenda is allowed to succeed, it will be the end to America.

As an example, the US Department of Agriculture (DOA) recently sent out a memo saying that humans harm the environment by eating meat, and urged that we start a “Meatless Mondays” program, explaining that going meatless one day a week would help the environment. The DOA used the UN Agenda 21 idea that eating meat wastes resources and is a major source of greenhouse gases and climate change.

I’m totally confused here. Isn’t the DOA supposed to be the department that helps our farmers such as beef, lamb, buffalo, and chicken growers? What other reason could they come up with except that they are working with our President on his one world, one government, takeover. Wake up New Hampshire.

Some other environmental ideas they are coming up with are also part of the big picture, such as: greater setbacks on rivers and lakes; talk about water as a regional resource, not local or private; setting fees for water sprinkler use; taxing each toilet; fee for your private septic system; and statewide fee to pay for renovation and/or repair or replacement of any local city and town fresh water or waste water treatment systems.

Think about the last one. So, you have a city that has a waste water treatment plant system that has been in operation for say 20 years, that they did not properly do preventative or corrective maintenance to, and now the EPA is on their case to correct the existing problems. They want the people of the whole state to pay for the failure of their responsibility of maintaining this system, by having a statewide fee or tax to pay for any necessary work. Why didn’t they take care of the system out of the user rate payer fees over the years like any other responsible business would have? I’ve heard this debate in so many different committees, in the past two years, and I’m really tired of listening to it.

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