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February 23, 2012

My Opinion: February 23, 2012

RAYMOND — I have been asked to explain some of my acronyms I use to shorten the length of my article. When I use ones that are titles, the first time I spell out the title, followed by the acronym in parenthesis, and then use only the acronym after that. Other common ones I use are: (a) OTP - ought to pass, pass. (b) ITL - inexpedient to legislate, kill. (c) RC - roll call vote, recorded by voters name. (d) D - division vote, recorded count, but not my voter's name. (e) VV - voice vote. (f) Dem - democrat. (g) Rep - republican. (h) Table - is when bill is set aside, on "the table". Can be pulled from table later. (i) IS - interim study, retained for further work. Bill often just stays in study and dies. (j) FN - fiscal note - monies involved - goes to Finance Committee or Ways & Means Committee as 2nd committee. (k) L - local. (l) A-0123h - is bill amendment, its number, and (h) indicates originated in House, (s) indicates Senate.

In our February 8 House Session, we started with the Consent Calendar. Fourteen (14) of the 26 bills on Consent Calendar were ITL'd. We then moved to the Regular Calendar passing:

HB-1413-FN - directing New Hampshire to withdraw from the No Child Left Behind Act. Voted Table RC 253-81.

HB-1517-FN-L - prohibiting the state and any political subdivision from entering any agreement implementing any provision of the No Child Left Behind Act without prior approval of the General Court. Voted Table VV.

HB-1566 - relative to withdrawal from a school administrative unit or an authorized regional enrollment area school. This bill came from a local town problem, and this isolated instance should be handled locally. There is a process of withdrawal from a school administrative unit or an authorized regional enrollment area agreement clearly defined in law. Bill came to floor as ITL. ITL failed D 158-186. Passed OTP D 190-156. I voted to kill both times.

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