, Kingston, NH

October 24, 2013

Kingston Town Clerk's News

By Melissa Fowler,, Town Clerk - Tax Collector
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---- — KINGSTON - I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Dog Owners in the Town of Kingston for their patience and cooperation. The Town Clerk’s office has been working diligently to improve and update the dog data in Town.

When I was elected in March 2012, the Town of Kingston had 800 dogs not licensed in Town, which is against the State Law and breaks many RSA’s. As a Town Clerk, and State Agent, we are elected by the people to follow these RSA’s that police some of the duties for the Town; one of them is to maintain dog licenses and to make sure the rabies vaccination are kept current. One of the biggest and very important reasons is to make sure all dogs have their rabies vaccinations, not only to protect people, and other dogs, but to also to protect their dog.

I am extremely proud and pleased to inform you that as of October 16, 2013, the Town on record has 5 dogs not licensed, which involves only three dog owners, which is being handled by the Kingston Dog Officer. This is a huge accomplishment for the Town Clerk’s staff; also with many thanks to the Kingston Police Department for their support in this process.

This has not been an easy task but I feel we have overcome this huge hurdle and will continue to improve into the future. Also, the fee is $6.50 for a neutered dog and $9.00 for a non-neutered; please remember so you stay clear of any fines that would be issued after June 20th. All dogs should be licensed as of April 30th of every year, rabies need to be up-to-date to license. I think as Dog Owners become more educated on this important law; they will respect the laws and continue to maintain their responsibility as a dog owner or keeper.

Please remember you can license your dog online, renew vehicle registration, and vital records at We accept cash and checks, and now credit cards can be used through the window and starting Nov 1, 2013 online. All credit cards have a 2.95% convenience fee that will be applied when using your credit card, which is non-refundable.

As always it is a pleasure servicing the Town of Kingston community.