, Kingston, NH

June 27, 2013

Open Meditation

Carriage Towne News

---- — KINGSTON — Meditation is wonderful and transforming with both physical and emotional benefits. One year ago, a group of enthusiastic Kingston-area residents began meeting every Wednesday, from 9:00-10:00 a.m., for an open meditation sit at the Kingston Community Library, and they have continued for twelve months.

Participants have clearly seen the benefits of meditation and the encouraging power of meditating together in a group at least once a week. This gathering is open to those with some meditation experience, either from one of the many classes offered or from personal study and practice. It’s a “drop-in” group that meets on a regular weekly basis, without any commitment or registration.

The Silent Meditation Sit uses bells, but does not include instruction or direction. The group has found it especially useful to reinforce a regular home meditation practice.

While they happily encourage beginners, please consider receiving basic instruction by joining the regular six-week Beginning Meditation Course that is offered in September at the library (603-642-3521). If you have a little experience, please contact Kira at 603-642-3479 and she will go over some details with you and get you started this summer. The advantages and benefits are not to be missed and yes, it’s free.

The Kingston Community Library, 2 Library Lane, is across from Carriage Towne Plaza and near the crossroads of Rte. 107 and 125, and not far from Rte. 111. Look online for directions, or call the Library at 603-642-3521.