, Kingston, NH

November 7, 2013

Wreaths of Remembrance

Carriage Towne News

---- — FREMONT/EAST KINGSTON — Remember, Honor, and Teach is the mission of the Wreaths Across America Program. Through this program, wreaths are placed on the gravesites of veterans during the holiday season. Ceremonies honoring servicemen and women, both past and present, are held at veterans memorial monuments across the nation. These events coincide with the annual ceremony and laying of wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery in our nation’s capital on the second Saturday in December.

A fundraising effort to place wreaths on the veterans’ gravesites in Fremont and East Kingston is being coordinated by Gerry Tilley, a Fremont resident, in association with the Peoples United Methodist Church in Fremont and the East Kingston Community United Methodist Church. The Fremont and East Kingston Selectmen and Cemetery Trustees have approved this project.

Approximately 225 veterans are buried in Fremont and 145 veterans in East Kingston. With your help volunteers will be able to honor each of them with a wreath of remembrance. Wreaths cost $15.00 each. Ten dollars pays for the construction and delivery of the wreath. The remaining $5.00 will be used to support two local Veterans Centers that provide for the needs of our homeless veterans.

Assistance can occur in a variety of ways. Community members and groups are needed to unload the truck when the wreaths are delivered, to place the wreaths on the gravesites in December and remove them in the spring, and to purchase of one or more wreaths.

They encourage not only adult participation, but look forward to the participation of local youth. This project provides the opportunity for children to understand that the sacrifices made by our servicemen and women have secured the freedoms we are privileged to experience in our country today. Their participation ensures that our veterans will be remembered and honored in the years to come.

Please order a wreath or volunteer your services. Your gift will not only remember and honor those veterans who have passed on, but will also provide food, shelter, and clothing for our homeless veterans.

For further information, please call Gerry Tilley at 603-895-6658.