, Kingston, NH

April 1, 2013

Fishing in NH

Carriage Towne News

---- — BRENTWOOD — All area residents, and especially those who love fishing, are invited to come and hear Jack Noon at the Brentwood Historical Society Museum on Thurs., April 11, at 7:00 p.m. He will give a talk on “Four Centuries of Fishing in New Hampshire: Yankee Character, Yankee Priorities.” The Historical Society has recently offered programs on the livestock that were so important to our forbears - cows, sheep and oxen. Now the focus will be on fishing, salt water and fresh water. The program is presented through a grant from the New Hampshire Humanities Council, and is free and open to the public. 
A dedicated outdoorsman for over thirty years, Jack Noon has delved into every aspect of fishing in this state since the first white settlers arrived. A Dartmouth graduate, he has two camps in Warner, has led several Outward Bound groups, and has written both novels and non-fiction centered around the outdoor life of New Hampshire. A few of his book titles demonstrate the variety of his interests: “Fishing in New Hampshire: A History”; “The Bassing of New Hampshire: How Black Bass Came to the Granite State”; “Parson Jack Russell: The Hunting Legend, 1795-1883”; “The Squam Lakes and Their Loons”; and “Muster Days at Muster Field Farm: NH's Muster Day Tradition, 1787-1850”. Mr. Noon has also written books as a humorist under the name of M.J. Beagle: “Sit Free or Die and The NH Primer: a Guaranteed Guide to Winning the NH Primary”.
As Mr. Noon will mention, fishing history in New Hampshire runs the gamut of nets, spears, guns, clubs, weirs, seines, fish pots and hooks. Also involved are the Yankee tinkering and tampering instinct which has resulted in often unforeseen results. Those attending this program are welcome to bring examples of fishing gear to be displayed for the evening. There will be time after the program for refreshments and conversation. 
For more information please contact Alma Vahey, president, at 679-8635.