, Kingston, NH

July 4, 2013

Kingston Town Clerk Update

By Melissa Fowler
Town Clerk - Tax Collector

---- — KINGSTON —Tax season is full swing, please remember that the Town of Kingston gives their Tax Payers a 1.5% discount if paid before the July 1, and December 1 due dates. If you send your bill to your mortgage company to be paid, please make them aware of this discount. If you have concerns or question please call the office at 603-642-3112, ext. 2.

License your dog reminders have been mailed. Your dog must have a current rabies certificate on file for us to complete the license. The two go hand-and-hand, if your dog has not had a recent rabies vaccination we cannot, by law, license your dog. After August 1, if your dog is still not licensed, the owner of the dog will be issued a civil forfeiture of $25.00 for each dog. Dog and motor vehicle registrations can be completed on line at and click the orange E-Reg button.

We have many questions in the office about motor vehicle registrations. The NH DMV webpage has a page of frequently ask questions but I thought I would cover a couple that we receive the most in our office.

Can I transfer my plates? Yes, a transfer registration is when you have taken a plated vehicle off the road and would like to transfer the same plates from your old vehicle over to your new vehicle. To do a transfer, the primary owner (the 1st owner listed on the registration) or lessee of the old vehicle must be the listed primary owner or lessee of the new vehicle (same name to same name). On a transfer registration, we are able to apply the remaining unused permit fee credit over to the cost of the permit fee on the new vehicle. The only way to receive a refund or credit is to transfer the plates to another vehicle that you are putting on the road.

Can I get a temporary plate? (261:57 Twenty-Day Registration) Not at the Kingston Town Office, but if you go to Epping DMV or a sub-station you will be able to purchase temporary plates. With your sales agreement and driver’s license, you can get 20 day plates. This would be a case when purchasing a car in Massachusetts because there is a delay before you receive the title to register with the Town.

Can I give someone my plate? Yes, but the original owner of the plate needs to write a release letter, releasing that plate to you and relinquish all credits and refunds. The plate number needs to be in that letter and the old owner needs to sign it. We have forms in the office if you need one.

Please remember that the office performs by rules and regulations that our State Representatives put into legislation, which forms RSA’s and rules. RSA’s can all be found on the State of NH, DMV website for everything we do in the office connected with motor vehicles. The office will help in any way we can but we cannot change or go above the rules that we operate by.

As always it is a pleasure serving the Town of Kingston.