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December 27, 2012

East Kingston Library News

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---- — EAST KINGSTON - As a New Year approaches, we tend to think of the inevitable New Year’s resolutions. Whether planning changes in food choices or exercise, trying a new craft or catching up on the latest fiction, we are here at East Kingston Public library with a wealth of choices and information.

Many of our newer cookbooks feature fresh cooking choices and stress the use of locally grown ingredients. With farmers markets running year round now and super markets purchasing from NH orchards and farms, it is becoming increasingly easy to find the best close to home.

Our white board has lists of the best fiction of 2012. From “Gone Girl” to “Galway Bay”, we have a multitude of titles to explore this winter. The DVD section has new arrivals and classics to revisit.

If you are a doer, our craft section boasts topics from knitting and quilting to woodworking. A craft groups meets by the fireplace Monday afternoons and welcomes anyone to come and bring their hand work. If you are a dreamer, the garden section is packed with titles on perennials and landscaping possibilities to spark your spring plans.

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