, Kingston, NH

August 22, 2013

East Kingston Library News

By Diane Sheckells
Assistant Librarian

---- — EAST KINGSTON —We rounded out our Summer Reading Program with a visit with Creature Teachers. They brought a great selection of digging animals to focus on our theme of “Dig Into Reading”. Even the adults in the audience learned a few new animal facts. For example, the red fox was not native to North America but was introduced by the English for their foxhunts. My nemesis, the groundhog, has another name, the whistle pig. My garden completely understands the pig nomenclature but the strange whistling noise we have heard in the yard may not be a bird. Who knew? It may be my favorite rodent. I must admit our wood chuck guest was quite cute.

Children earned rewards of books and gift certificates for books and tickets to Water Country. More surprises await them when they hand in their reading logs at school. With ninety participants it was a most successful summer. Now, everyone has a week or two to relax before the school year begins anew. We hope to increase our alliance with East Kingston Elementary School and look forward to welcoming staff for one of their preliminary meetings here.