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November 22, 2012

Artwork on Display

Carriage Towne News

---- — EXETER - The next local artist’s exhibit at the Exeter Public Library will display a combination of artwork of two disparate artists, the watercolors of Heather Crowley and photographs of Dennis Skillman. Although the artist’s utilize divergent mediums, their message is synergetic ─ recognize the beauty of nature.

Heather Crowley trained as a physician and chose pathology as a specialty after being drawn to the beautiful world she viewed under the microscope lens. “To deal with the stress of my career I turned to yoga and daily meditation. Unexpectedly, these methods of self-exploration led me to realize I needed to make more time and space in my life to explore my creative path and to share that journey with others. Through my brush I attempt to explore the natural and mystical world and to capture the spirit of the subject I am painting. I believe the only way to truly know nature and in turn ourselves is to study it, contemplate it, explore each exquisite detail and only then finally, truly recognize it.”

Dennis Skillman has photographed nature for over 25 years. Though he has photographed images around the globe, he has a special affinity for those captured close to home. Of most interest to him are birds and other animals in the wild, natural landscapes, and the works of man when nature is part of the theme. All of the prints in this exhibit will be from the local area. Dennis is a field contributor to Nature Photographer Magazine and has authored an article for Wild Bird Magazine in the November/December 2010 issue. This article described birding in the Deer Hill Wildlife Management Area in Brentwood, New Hampshire and included several of his photographs.

This show will hang in the Adult Services section of the library, first floor, throughout the months of November and December. The library is located in historic downtown Exeter at 4 Chestnut Street. For additional information please call the Exeter Public Library at 772-3101.