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May 8, 2014

Friends Meet Friends

HAMPSTEAD - If you haven’t signed up for the Friends of the Hampstead Public Library potluck supper you don’t have much time left to do it. The annual event will take place on Tues., May 13th, starting at 5:30 p.m.

There is a sign up list on the front desk of the library where you can let the Friends know if you’ll be bringing a salad, a main dish or a dessert. This is a great time to meet members of the Friends and learn more about the organization and what they do to support the library and enrich the community. You don’t have to already belong to the Friends to come to the potluck. As with all Friends events, it is open to anyone who wants to attend.

Becoming a member of the Friends of the Hampstead Public Library is painless. The dues are only $5.00 a year per person, unless you elect for a higher level of membership. You are not committing to doing anything more than paying your dues unless you choose to become active. If you love the library and want to help support it beyond what the town budget supplies, join the Friends and help them offer the extras that make our small library one of the best in the state. If you’d like to do more than just pay your dues, the Friends have many activities that you can participate in.

Joining the Friends and attending events or helping out at them is a great way to meet others who share your interest in the library. The monthly programs that are presented from September through April are only one of the many things the Friends do for the community. They are all free and open to the public from the area. The very visible biennial Auction is a major fund raising activity that involves many, many people. The Hollyhock Thrift Shop is a continuing source of funds that also needs the involvement of volunteers to staff it.

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