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April 4, 2013

East Kingston Library News

EAST KINGSTON — How do great books get added to the Shelves? Great reviews and covers that grab our attention on these three very different titles Many times a book review will prompt the purchase of a title.

Go to: Here you will find a great interview with just a small snippet below:

“In her new book, “Sugar in the Blood”, Andrea Stuart weaves her family story around the history of slavery and sugar in Barbados. Stuart’s great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather landed on the island in the 1630s. He had been a blacksmith in England, but became a sugar planter in Barbados, at a time when demand for the crop was exploding worldwide. Stuart is descended from a slave owner who, several generations after the family landed in Barbados, had relations with an unknown slave.

Stuart was well into her research and writing of the book before she fully accepted the reality of her family’s story. It was, she tells Fresh Air’s Terry Gross, “not until maybe four years into the research that I realized that this was the truth of it ... of my family’s story that ... one side of my family had owned another, and that that was as bleak and as straightforward as it got. ... That is the quintessence of the hideousness of slavery, isn’t it?”

This is a fascinating account, which begins as a family history and touches on so many interesting historical facts. We often think of cotton as the foundation of slavery but it was an earlier crop, sugar cane, that was the original triangle trade. The social fabric was a bit different in Barbados and Stuart follows the shift of immigration to America, documenting the Barbados connection to the Harlem Renaissance.

Come in and check out this and other great titles at the East Kingston Public Library.

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