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October 24, 2013

Affordable Care Act is not a Tax Law

Affordable Care Act is not a Tax Law

I do not pick through peoples trash or read their emails or audit taxpayers who oppose my agenda. I appreciate all veterans for their service and respect all who work for a living and don’t live off the backs of taxpayers. I have never been on welfare and have tried to pull my weight and have volunteered my services to help others. I also own my own business and pay my taxes. I don’t have anything bad to say about those who need to find help through state and federal assistance programs. I am glad that they exist! Yes, it is none of my business what others make, or what class they are in, or where they go, or what they do!

So what is my beef? Let’s pay special attention to the words here so they aren’t taken out of context or distorted or made fun of for I have never done that to you. The facts are that the Affordable Health Care Act is a Tax law and a Tax law has to originate in the House of Congress. It was not supposed to be a Tax law but Justice Roberts made it so for it to be constitutional.

The president has used his own personal discretion to change the law at his whim. If this is the law of the land, then how can he do this for some groups and not for everybody? Do we not have equal protection of the law in its application or do individuals have different (less) rights than businesses and unions? Does the President believe in the three co-equal branches of government, and that the house has a duty to provide checks and balances to his power? Are these not legitimate points? How are Americans supposed to trust their personal information to the people hired to oversee and implement the AHCA when they haven’t got to the bottom of the IRS fiasco and they are the ones who will be in charge?

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