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October 24, 2013

A Response to Ms. Carroll

Carriage Towne News

---- — A Response to Ms. Carroll

Just when I thought I was back on earth I read Ms. Susan Carroll’s letter in the October 10, 2013 edition of this paper. I normally wouldn’t respond to such a cacophony of nonsense but as Ms. Carroll addresses me personally, not to respond would have been disrespectful.

Ms. Carroll states that I am,” one who uses Alinsky’s rule 5 and 12 expertly”. My first question was who the hell is Alinsky? (Actually I do remember some of Saul Alinsky`s writings which I consider a bunch of hogwash; strange as it seems, Hillary Clinton wrote her college thesis on his works (“Rules for Radicals”).

Here is the irony: his book is now the number one seller among conservatives – go figure.

I’m still trying to figure out what Ms. Carroll’s point is. If she is really interested in all this theoretical hogwash, I have a few suggestions for books she might want to read.

“Real Conspiracy Theories; Past and Present”, Part #1 – by Berit Kjos. Part #2 will really light Ms. Carroll’s fire with such dillies as, “Treason in the Church” or “Trading Truth for a Social Gospel”.

I’m still trying to figure out what Ms. Carroll’s point is.

She rambles on. “Benghazi equates to treason, someone gave the order to stand down and watch Americans die. There is a reason they were left to die, what needs to be hidden? Extortion 17 (death of Seal Team 6) equals treason. Shipping money and arms to Syrian rebels equals treason”. If someone can figure out what that rant was all about, I would sincerely like to know.

And there is more!

Next quote,” We are supporting terrorists that have cut out hearts and livers and eat them, with an electric saw, murder and pillage Christians or anyone opposed to their radical agenda.”.Cut people up with a chainsaw? Isn’t this from the Halloween movie with Freddy Kruger? Maybe he had on an Obama mask.

Where is she getting this stuff from? She was kind enough to provide two websites where I could verify the credibility of her information. The first website was “Midnight Watchman.” If you go to this website, you want to start with the mission statement which goes as follows: “The goal of the Midnight Watchman is to investigate paranormal happenings and also help the public understand the nature of supernatural phenomena.” This website has a symbol that looks like a cross with a bunch of the wiggly snakes on it. Looking at it I could almost hear the music from twilight zone in the background – so much for credibility.

I am sure that in the stars these clairvoyants saw Obama with a chainsaw! (And I thought Fox News was from a different planet.)

The next site that she offers is Walid Shoebat. If I am going to take my facts from someone named Shoebat, the name alone would make me somewhat suspicious—how about Daffy Duck?

According to CNN News, Shoebat is a fraud. CNN News provided some disturbing video of Shoebat defrauding security personnel while raking in big bucks from Homeland security.

Using these two “Idiot Sites” to tie Pres. Obama to the Muslim brotherhood is tantamount to believing that John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi have a love child - together.

I’m still trying to figure out what is Ms. Carroll’s point.

Not to be daunted by something as trivial as facts, she decides to trudge on.

Next, Ms. Carroll uses such terms as “Deceit Projections” (got to throw in a bit of psychology). Next, she takes a sharp right turn and throws in a little bit of religion. She states, “I prefer liberty which comes from our Creator, the laws we were founded upon, based on biblical law, have been ravaged.”(Are you dizzy yet? – I am)

As the curtain is finally descending on Ms. Carroll’s most perplexing text, she finishes with the following flourish: “The left, be it communism, socialism, Marxism, fascism, progressives, statist or liberalism all have one common God: secular humanism which all lead to a totalitarian state and equal misery among the “masses.” Wow!

I finally figured it out Ms. Carroll’s point – the point is that she has no point.

Robert Grier