, Kingston, NH

October 24, 2013

Reasoned Debate is Preferable

Carriage Towne News

---- — Reasoned Debate is Preferable

Incorrect information or false accusations irritate me. Ms. Carroll’s letter of October 10th is so extreme in its accusations that it leaves me gasping, and wondering how it ever got published. In countries such as Great Britain, libel laws prevent such slander from ever reaching public print.

I have no quarrel with honest debate, and charges on either side of an issue deserve to be aired. But this letter goes way too far.

Ms. Carroll accuses that the Syrian “terrorists…have cut out hearts and livers and eat them, cut a child to pieces with an electric saw, murder and pillage Christians and anyone opposed to their radical agenda”. The ONLY reports of such atrocities are from blogs. There are no eyewitness accounts or reports from news agencies on the ground in Syria. Charges of treason and accusing our leadership of being communists are also unfounded and wild charges.

The lesser charge that the “Laws we were founded upon based on Biblical Law…”—Ms. Carroll needs to re-attend basic civics classes or actually read the Constitution and the Federalist Papers. The framers of the Constitution *very specifically* did not use ANY religious text, including the Twelve Commandments, in framing the articles.

I call upon citizens to have a reasoned debate with facts and plausible outcomes of legislation, not wild unfounded charges.

Pete McVay