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September 5, 2013

Accountability for Taxpeyers

Accountability for Taxpayers

When I ran for Selectman, I promised that, if elected, I would require and seek accountability for taxpayer’s money being spent by their local government. This included requiring a specific means of measuring whether a capital project accomplished what it was meant to do.

This message seemed to resonate with voters; they were in favor of requiring this accountability. Selectman Ferraro is doing precisely this in taking the Town to court over the matter of its non-compliance with RSA 91-A, the equivalent of the freedom of information act for New Hampshire.

Some may think his pursuit of information relating to the solar array at the Department of Public Works is trivial, but it is not. He was legitimately seeking the barest of information, readily available, to determine if this project was meeting the economic payback used to “sell” the project. I would have done no less, because the taxpayers have a right to know if their money was spent properly.

Selectman Ferraro’s request was merely one of many he has made in an effort to provide transparency and accountability to those he represents. The refusal to provide the requested information as required by state law was the “straw that broke the camel’s back” as it followed a trend of our local government delaying and/or making only partial deliveries of information requested under RSA 91-A.

I fully support his current action as I, too, am interested in accountability, transparency and responsiveness to taxpayers’ requests.

Dennis Brady


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