, Kingston, NH

September 6, 2012

Welch Seeks Re-election

Carriage Towne News

---- — Another legislative term is coming to an end with the fall elections to determine our representation for the next two years. I have proudly represented our district while serving in the House Criminal Justice Committee and in the House itself for many years.

This past session has been the most difficult time of all. The previous administration knew no bounds as it attempted to respond to every situation with more and more taxpayer funds. In the attempts to undo the burden for the taxpayers and yet retain programs for the poor and disabled among us, it became a “Gideon’s Knot”. The economy in general has not been productive and the ability to lower the burden of the small business owner to allow it to flourish has not been easy.

The job is not done, however, and those whom the voters decide to return to the job will still have a tremendous job to do. I hope to return to the House to continue the process.

Please vote in the State Primary to be held on Tues., September 11. Vote Republican.

Thank you for your attention.


David A. Welch