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Letters to the Editor

February 7, 2013

Stop the Violence

What can be done to stop the violence in our world? Who has the answer to bring true peace and security for all people? When will the wars and rapes and murders be a thing of the past? Do you really want the answer? Can you stop sinning against the one who gives us free will to choose our own path or his? If you have rejected this offer then what is the point of trying any other type of persuasion? The creator is not an absentee landlord who dropped us off here and then left us on our own. If you don’t believe in God then what rules do you live by? How can you force others who think differently to behave how you think they should? How can anyone expect someone who is mentally disturbed to obey laws or behave in a civilized manner? Can we really look deep into ourselves and accept that we are not gods and that we have brought this madness on ourselves by rejecting the rules set up for our survival by God himself?

President Obama refers to recent events as moments of evil and surely that is true. So what is evil? Do we as humans decide what good and evil are? Who’s to say who’s right then? God laid down the law to Moses and history show the results of disobedience to the prophets and messengers sent by God to warn mankind. Yes, God always tries to warn his stubborn people before they do stupid things that take them away from the protection of God’s love!

God does not force himself on anyone. He does not interfere with our free will, which is the gift we have that makes us like him. WE don’t have to love our neighbor and we don’t have to care about the ways of God; even though these are his commands. The consequences of our disbelief and disobedience are all around us but some are not convinced that they are the result of sin. Everything that we do has effects, and the effect of doing nothing also has profound consequences.

God has spoken to the world and told us what would happen if we reject the commandments and continue on the path to hell. We’ll get there! Want the answer to world peace? Stop committing sin!

Ed Parent





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