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January 24, 2013

Gun Safety

Gun Safety

Did you know....As a country, we support scientifically studying car safety, food safety, and drug safety, but not gun safety. The CDC used to study gun safety, until the NRA felt threatened by the facts that were being discovered. One of those facts: at the time of the study, forty-four percent of shootings that used a gun kept in someone’s house were aimed at members of the family that lived there, as opposed to being aimed at intruders.

The NRA did not like that finding and so went to the CDC to pressure them into not funding any studies about guns. Then they went to Congress to outlaw funding for such research. These laws are called TR laws, and they outlaw any gov. funding of studies of gun violence. Why? Fear of the truth. These laws deprive all of us of learning about how to prevent future deaths. How to make gun ownership safer for all, including the owner and their family. And innocent first graders. It is time for studying gun safety.

Nancy Fiske


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