, Kingston, NH

November 4, 2013

Response to Karl Farmer

“Who is wrong? What is wrong?”

Carriage Towne News

---- — Karl Farmer recently asked, “Who is wrong? What is wrong?” Well, my quick answer is that Mr. Farmer is wrong.

I somewhat agree with Farmer’s initial point about respect. I’ll give Obama the amount of respect I have afforded other recent presidents, which to say, none at all.

I am bemused. How could anyone respect the lecherous Bill Clinton? He was not man enough to spare the country of controversy by admitting his infidelity; a man who insulted our intelligence with statements like “I never inhaled”, ”I did not have sex with that woman” and “it depends on what the meaning of is, is”.

Respect George W Bush, who sent thousands of US soldiers to be killed and maimed in Iraq, not to mention, perhaps 1 million Iraqis? And all that blood shed, for what-

to free the world of non-existent threat posed by a small time dictator?

Like Obama, these other two enemies of the people, are beloved by their respective, dumbed-down partisans. (Frankly, I have scraped better things than this trio from the soles of my sneakers. (and I don’t mean discarded chewing gum!)

At best, Obama is an ardent collectivist, plundering some to obtain the votes of others: at the worst, a Nobel Peace Prize winning child killer. Should you reject these extremes, it is undeniable that Obama has an arrogance matched only by his prodigious hypocrisy.

Let’s sample a little from then, and now:

Opposed Patriot Act--------------Renewed Patriot Act, twice.

Opposed Raising Debt Limit-------- Characterized debt-ceiling opponents as extortionists.

Promised Transparency--------- Most secretive administration, ever.

Said, If you like your health plan/ doctor you can keep---- Ah, no, not really.

Closure of Guantanamo Bay----------Still imprisons many known to be innocent.

Vowed to uphold Constitution------- Violates Continuously.

Mr. Farmer continues his letter with a fanciful list of Obama administration accomplishments:

Increased jobs? Well, unemployment is down, but only because people dropped out of the labor market in record numbers.

Debt Reduction? Only if you engage in fuzzy math. The sequester was a mere reduction in the increase in spending. After reopening the government, the Obama administration borrowed a record $323 Billion. But I’m sure that Mr. Farmer disagrees, since his hero, BO, stated, “Increasing the debt limit doesn’t increase our debt.” Let me do the arithmetic: I already owe 16.99 trillion, and I borrow another trillion. Ok, 16.99 + 1=16.99. Wow, he’s right!

And if the auto industry is doing so well, when the heck are they going to repay the taxpayers the $25 billion owed?

The uplift of the stock market is completely phony and the consequence of criminal malfeasance. Each month, the racketeers at the Federal Reserve create $85 billion electronically, (they don’t even bother to counterfeit it anymore-too messy, all that paper and ink) and pump it into the stock market.

This practice diminishes the value of all dollars held, and is creating a huge bubble, the collapse of which will make 2008 seem like an economic paradise. The consequence of all this quantitative easing will likely be the collapse of the dollar, and the US, once the center of the economic universe, will be flushed down the swirling monetary toilet bowl.

Though I’m not a fan of the GOP, I have to defend them against Farmer’s obstructionists claim. The Republican led House has passed several bills that never get scheduled for a vote by Obama’s cohort, Harry Reid. The Democrats shout “obstruction”, while their leaders make any compromise impossible.

Mr. Farmer’s concerns over dictatorship are well founded, but he fears it from the tea party, when it is sneaking in from the left supported by big government neo-cons. I ask him to consider these facts.

-Obama went to war against Libya with out consulting Congress, but with the permission of the Arab League.

-Obama has engaged in the targeting, and extra-judicial murder of American citizens.

-Obama signed the NDAA, which allows the indefinite detention of American citizens, with out trial.

-Obama has remained silent while the NSA violates our natural right to be free from unwarranted searches.

I will grant that most DC Republicans are complicit in the above tyrannies. Many of them are merely posturing in hopes of regaining power over the plundered trough-o-pork, and their desire is to convert Obama’s cronies into their cronies. However, most tea party people merely want a restoration of constitutionally limited government.

Dan Davis