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Letters to the Editor

October 10, 2013

Earth to Heaven- SIDS Awareness

A mothers’ message to her son and to all of you

Ten years ago I gave birth to my angel son

Ten Years ago I learned that “It Can Happen To Me!”

Ten years ago my life started over

Ten years ago I learned to live in another world

A world which wakes you daily with a hurt in your heart that cannot be repaired or explained

Ten years ago I had to say goodbye to my precious baby boy

Ten years ago my son became my biggest teacher

Ten years ago my son became my angel in heaven

Ten years ago, and every day since; I see life through different eyes

Eyes which watch my two sons Cameron and Coty with the greatest love and appreciation

Eyes that look at the world as a place of beauty not to be taken for granted

Eyes that see people in a different light; for nobody knows what a person whom they barely know or may not even care for, may have been through!

Ten years ago I was hardened

Ten years ago I was humbled

Ten years ago I learned what true love is and I pray that I never lose sight of what is important again!

I pray that nobody has to suffer such a loss to realize just how lucky they are, and how precious this life really is

From Earth to Heaven; Mommy loves you Kaden!

Every time I see a butterfly, frog, rainbow, sunrise and sunset…. I see you.

I see you in everything! I see peace, beauty, faith and God!

I miss you baby boy! I cannot believe that you would be ten years old.

It feels like just yesterday that I held you in my arms sang to you and kissed you goodbye.

Forever in my heart,

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