, Kingston, NH

May 23, 2013

Don't Alienate Fellow Citizens

Carriage Towne News

---- — Don’t Alienate Fellow Citizens

As a Roman Catholic I have a duty to love God with all my being and also love my neighbor as myself. I am able by my faith to forgive my neighbor when he or she trespasses against me. I have had to do that a lot lately and must continue to do so well into the future, which seems to present no respite for a person who wishes to practice their faith as they seem fit. That is our divine right enshrined by those who formed our republic.

These people who bled and sacrificed their fortunes did so to prevent the encroachment of those who claim a right to impose their will upon individual liberty. How can it be that any representative, whether the president or congressperson; can be more powerful than those who they represent? I am their boss and yet they act as if they can do whatever they want just because they hold an office! Is not the duty of our government to preserve the union? How can printing money to pay our debts be considered anything but disastrous for our future? How can forcing those who oppose any regulation to go against their conscience be considered American?

I saw our president at a funeral last week for a bombing victim and he decried the destruction of innocent life. A few days later he was at a Planned Parenthood meeting telling them that he would continue to support their abortion agenda. How can he unite us when he thrives on dividing us? I can continue to forgive him for his forcing me to do things I can’t afford and don’t want but it would be nice if he acknowledged that he is violating my rights and apologize!

With all that is happening in our world it is never a good thing to alienate your fellow citizens. After all; we wouldn’t do it to you!

Ed Parent