, Kingston, NH

March 5, 2013

HB 399: Prohibiting NH law enforcement from detaining NH citizen under the NDAA

Carriage Towne News

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On February 21, the State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs heard compelling testimony from a large group of impassioned NH citizens about why it should vote for HB 399, the Liberty Preservation Act, a bill that prohibits the state from supporting or implementing two sections of the National Defense Authorization Act. The parts that are of concern in the NDAA are those that would detain American citizens without charge or trial for an indefinite period of time. A week later, the committee voted unanimously in favor of this bill, 16-0.

The Liberty Preservation Act, HB 399 will be voted on by our representatives on March 13. Anyone who cares for their civil liberties should phone, email, or write to their reps to make sure they understand what these two sections of the NDAA mean and urge them to vote for HB 399 if they are interested in protecting the rights of NH citizens.

Carla Mora