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September 20, 2012

Obama's America: the [sic] Movie

I use the term [sic] in this context to mean the labeling of this garbage as a movie is an apparent mistake; it is tantamount to calling the sinking of the Titanic a boating mishap.

What it really is, is a piece of right wing propaganda parading as a legitimate view of an honorable American president who embodies the “quintessential essence” of the American principles.

Knowing that we were not into the football season yet and the Red Sox were in the cellar, the Republicans felt our pain so what did they do?

They paraded out the “Shell” of Clint Eastwood.

Poor old Clint was so out of it that he thought Barack Obama was sitting in the empty chair - why am I not surprised. I understand that back stage, he spent an hour talking to a table that he thought was Hillary Clinton! (I could almost swear I saw Elvis in the audience - I’m not sure about that one).

Now for my critique of that [sic] movie.

First of all, how can I critique a movie that I have never seen?

Consider this: I once argued an arbitration case where my side had one witness and the other side had 18 expert witnesses. I had one pivotal question for each and every one of them. “Who signs your paycheck?”

Now ask yourself, “who financed this biased crap-olla”?

Looking for a modicum of truth in this sick movie would be like catching a fish and expecting it not to be wet.

Frankly, I don’t need a Pied Piper - do you?

Robert Grier




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