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Letters to the Editor

December 5, 2013

The Evolution of Hate Speech


I have been called an Islamophobe because I recognize and accept we must deal with radical Islamists in the world who wish to destroy western society.

I have been called a nihilist for supporting the constitutionally defined budget process for operating the US government, which I found hysterical because plain speaking friends of mine suddenly found that word within days of it first being used in a Democrat National Committee press release during the government shutdown. When pressed for a definition, they became enraged.

I have been called an elitist because I believe that healthy adults should have a job and not be on government support.

Worst of all, is that I am called a racist any time I question the actions of President Obama. I have questioned every president since Carter. I refuse to stop now just because Obama’s supporters are obsessed with his skin color.

In the end, I have come to see that in five short years, hate speech has evolved to name calling and shame tactics being used to silence anyone who questions the actions of politicians in power. The enforcers of this hate are average citizens mindlessly following their political leaders and media talking heads. They parrot nonsense like nihilists with no clue what it means.

It is time people stopped buying into the ‘my party, your party’ fight politicians use to distract us as they steal our money and start to worry about the US versus them fight.

James Christensen


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