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December 5, 2013

ObamaCare and Liberalism

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---- — ObamaCare and Liberalism

Senator Ayotte was on the Senate Floor asking for ObamaCare relief. She tells the story of a family and Business Woman in Peterborough, who voted for Obama twice. The woman placed her trust in Obama and the Democrats regarding ObamaCare. The family business makes $50,000 a year and was told her insurance was no longer available under ObamaCare and that she would have to go on the Exchange.

The exchange did work. It gave her the new yearly total for her family’s healthcare. It was $19,000 a year! Can you pay $1,583 a month for your family’s health care with a salary like that? I called the Senator’s office and was told by her staff that she sees these kinds of examples regularly, never mind that of the 26 NH hospitals, 10 of them are not on the Exchange, including Rockingham County’s Parkland Medical Center in Derry. Sorry! Concord Hospital? Sorry!

Can you imagine a child needing care is turned away even though the family lives a block from the hospital? This is Socialized Medicine and Liberalism at its best. And the Democrats want to continue to force this “Affordable Care Act” on us. Not only is it not affordable, we can’t even use the nearby hospital!

By the way, on Tuesday there is a Toilet Paper line and the Pork waiting line is on Thursdays, that is, if they have any left. Sorry they are all out of beef. If you complain, Democrats will sick the IRS on you! Just ask those that believe in the Constitution.

Be sure to vote in 2014 and contact your Democrat Congresswoman Carol Shea Porter and Democrat Senator Shaheen who sell the Affordable Care Act and Liberalism on behalf of President Obama.

Edward Hale