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August 8, 2013

Emergency Room for Primary Care

Emergency Room For Primary Care

Sue Carroll (Carriage Towne News, July 25, 2013) is actually the one who falls into the group she says uses fear mongering to persuade others how to vote. She probably knows full well that the Affordable Care Act does not force Christains, Jews, Buddhists, or non-religious people to pay for abortions. Sue Carroll would have you believe that the government would decide what procedures you will be able to have. Private insurance companies already do this. Sue Carroll wants the rest of us to continue to pay for the uninsured with high private insurance premiums, to use the Emergency Room for Primary Care. The rest of us with common sense are fed up with her tired, over-used, and misleading arguments against the ACA and Medicaid expansion.

The majority of Granite Staters are already benefiting from the ACA and are saving money. The ACA has stopped health care insurance companies from taking advantage of us by eliminating lifetime caps, or denying coverage for pre-existing conditions. Being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition. Seniors are saving an average of $600 in prescription drugs, and parents are able to keep their children on their insurance policy until they reach age 26. The ACA implements the 80/20 rule (80% of expenditures on care, 20% on administration), preventing health care insurance company CEOs from lining their pocket with our premiums. Who in their right mind wants to go back to the old and broken model? Sue Carroll, and Mitt Romney?

According to the Lewin Group, contracted by the State of NH to analyze Medicaid expansion in the state, “The ACA and Medicaid expansion will also have a measurable positive impact on the state economy at large.” The Lewin Group, states that Medicaid expansion will create 5100 jobs (we are still waiting for the Republicans to fulfill that promise), and reports that 3500 previous Medicaid enrollees would take private coverage as their employers begin to offer health care insurance coverage.

Granite Staters stand to win with ACA and Medicaid expansion. Granite Staters have already paid the taxes that will fund Medicaid expansion. If we do not take advantage of Medicaid expansion, then NH is a donor state to the states that do. The only reason not to take advantage of Medicaid expansion is purely ideological.

Carol Croteau


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