, Kingston, NH

August 8, 2013

Not One Penny More

Carriage Towne News

---- — Not One More Penny

Not one more penny should be spent on the $6.35 million water treatment plant project until access to the Stadium well has been obtained from Philip’s Exeter Academy (PEA). Town Manager, Russell Dean, agreed to negotiate with PEA for this access and he failed to do so. Now with only two out of three wells available for this project it is likely no longer viable. Dean’s failure to act has placed the Town at the mercy of PEA. Who knows what PEA will want for compensation? How much can rate payers afford? They will ultimately pay the bill.

In addition we just learned that the voters approved a 2.0 million gallon per day (MGD) plant for $6.35 million, but now will only realize a 1.5 MGD plant - at the same cost. This is another reason no more money should be spent on the project until this, too, is sorted out. What happened? It is unacceptable for voters to approve one thing and then get something significantly less.

Dennis Brady