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Letters to the Editor

August 8, 2013

Response to Sue Carroll


Rejecting Medicaid expansion would be equivalent to giving tax money we already paid to other states. This would leave NH as the largest tax revenue ‘donor’ state in the country. Further, accepting it does not obligate NH to continue the program if government reimbursements (100% for the first three years and no less than 90% thereafter) should cease for any reason.

Suggesting that Medicaid Expansion will create a stampede of folks abandoning their private coverage in favor of Medicaid is over the top. For the bulk of participants, eligibility is limited to 138% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). In 2013, that is $32,499 ($23,550 x 138%) for a family of four. Ms. Carroll might characterize those folks as scammers, but I suggest that helping struggling families of four living on $23,550 have just a few more dollars to spend in an improving economy is a good thing.

Ms. Carroll, what might you do instead? You didn’t really say.

Andrew Weir


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